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If this is your first time to this blog, please start with the first entry, found on the Journal Entries page, and read the rest in order.  They are all connected and chronological.  Happy reading!

Hankering back to the traditions of The Strand, and penny dreadfuls, each and every chapter of the upcoming novelette “Jeffery Simian Esq: The Adventure of the Ice Circus” will be posted weekly on this site, leading up to the book’s publication.  Subscribe, like, or follow to be notified as each installment is released.  Once the entire story had been posted here, a paperback and eBook version will also be made available on Amazon and other online retailers.

That’s right, you will be able to read the entire book online for free!  This little spin-off adventure of the Clockwork Twist series is a gift to my loving and loyal fans.  For more information about Clockwork Twist, and the world and back story of these characters, visit the links below.

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