Journal Entries

Each post on this blog is part of a serialized novelette.  If this is your first time to this blog, please start with the first entry, and read the rest in order.  New entries will be uploaded weekly, leading up to the publication of the novelette.

Also, this story is based on the Clockwork Twist novel series.  For all information on the back story of these character, check out

Happy reading!

1. The Advenfront cover testture of The Ice Circus (Feb 23rd, 1878)

Entry #1, in which I begin to write of my adventures with Idris, and see the Ice Circus for the first time.

Entry #2, in which Idris and I enter The Cave of Infinite Wonders, and discover what I most wish to see.

Entry #3, in which we meet the ringmaster of the Ice Circus in El Dorado, and collect our golden tickets.

Entry #4, in which Idris and I begin to explore the Ice Circus and discover an elegant ice-eater.

Entry #5, in which my friend and I indulge in the delights of the Ice Circus, and I win myself a prize.

Entry #6, in which a child is found to be missing, and a sinister mystery begins to reveal itself.

Entry #7, in which I find myself faced with Jack Frost, and discover that I have been kidnapped.

Entry #8, in which I am taken to meet the beautiful and wicked queen of all that is cold, dark, and silent.

Entry #9, in which I discover that all of the missing children are being held prisoner in a frozen, fairy land.

Entry #10, in which the kidnapped children and I hatch a plan to free ourselves from out captors.

Entry #11, in which the stolen children and I make a final daring attempt at freedom from the Winter Fae.

Entry #12, in which the children and I are welcomed back home, and all is neatly resolved.


More adventures to come…

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